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All of our corn products—grits, cornmeal, and polenta—are gluten free with no wheat in the mill.

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Organic Stone Ground Grits

Hearty, organic, and whole grain, these Southern grits are the favorite of chefs from coast to coast.


Glorious Grits
From Snacks to Sides, Desserts to Dinners, Glorious Grits Reinvents America's Favorite Comfort Food (100+ Healthy, Delicious and Innovative Recipes for Every Meal)


Organic Stone Ground Cornmeal
Cornmeal is finely ground corn and is the main ingredient in the South's favorite breads: Cornbread, cornsticks, and hushpuppies.


Organic Stone Ground Polenta
Polenta has been served in Italian kitchens for years. The texture is between that of grits and cornmeal.


Golden Flax Seed
High-fiber flaxseed is loaded with essential nutrients, and tastes great over cereal and baked in bread.


Organic Rolled Oats
Start the day with a bowl of hot, nutritious organic oatmeal. These oats also make great oatmeal cookies.


Fish Batter
Here's the perfectly seasoned cornmeal mix to use for frying up a catch of fish.


Organic Popcorn
Organic popcorn is a perfect snack: tasty, crunchy, whole-grain, and high in fiber.


Hush Puppy Mix
Just add buttermilk, eggs, and onion to this mix for delicious old-fashioned Hush Puppies.


Self-Rising Cornmeal
Keep this cornmeal on hand to bake a skillet of Easy Buttermilk Cornbread or to use in other recipes calling for self-rising cornmeal.